Me to You: I’m Right.

Jum Owookade
1 min readFeb 14, 2021


(Me to You are a series of letters and poems from fathers to their children, whether present, past or to come. They’ll compile to form poetry books and children books to read to and by children.)

I may be wrong about a lot of things. And honestly, all men are wrong about a lot — ask your mom, she’ll tell you.

But what I am right about is you. I am right that you’re amazing and deserving of the utmost love and care.

I am right about how God has called you into the wonder of the unknown in Him.

I am right that the Lord delights in you and that He thinks the world of you.

I am right that I delight in you and think the world of you.

I am right in knowing that your grades, accomplishments, career achievements and awards aren’t what make you worthy of love.

I am right that you’re perfect just the way you are.

— Dad.

— jum.



Jum Owookade

These letters are probably a compilation of a variety of focuses. I’m a Sports Writer who loves God, comics, and storytelling.